Inspired by the ancient science of alchemy, we have deployed our most advanced technology to further the modern athlete’s pursuit of gold.

Alchemy Project suits are engineered from water-repellent, high-compression textile and constructed with an over-the-top focus on the details that generate water speed.

Carbon Collection

It is the peak of performance technology — a textile that optimizes the function of the athlete’s body, impacting body temperature, breathing, heart rate and lactic acid concentrations.

The benefits of TYR Carbon have been fully documented by Dr. Davide Susta, Scientific Director of the Training Development Centre in Lake Como, Italy.

It’s a game-changing tool for triathletes who want to achieve their full potential.


Durafast is the perfect training suit. You could even call it the TYR strong suit. Built with 100% polyester, Durafast maintains the perfect fit and retention of traditional Lycra, but it has 4 times the life and 20 times the colourfastness.

Plus, Durafast allows minimal moisture absorption and provides unsurpassed sun and chlorine resistance.

Tracer Triathlon

The Fastest Suit on Earth: The first high performance woven polyurethane hybrid suit ever used in competition.

With Rapid Boundary Technology and maximum water repellency at the microfibre level, athletes have demonstrated up to 4% reduction in their times in Tracer Technology.


Moisture Management / – Constructed from a hydrofolic, cation polyester / Lycra blend.

Water and sweat are transported away from the skin with TYR’s unique and innovative Moisture Management System.

Tracer Light

Quick, Tight and Light / – Those 3 words sum up the Tracer Lite.

Hydrofobic down to the molecular level with compression panels that trace the human form to make the suit tight in all the right places and the strongest and lightest microfibre available to make the TYR Tracer Lite the smartest, quickest and lightest suit you can wear.

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