Tracer™ B-Series

No sewing or threads means greater drag reduction and a smooth, flawless finish. Each connecting seam is fused using HB (high-bond) micro-tape to weld fabric together ultrasonically.

Following the natural contours of the human body, the Tracer B-Series design leads the industry with an exclusive muscle-mapping pattern.

Creating the most form-fitting suit fused throughout with ultra-sonic bonds, there is no sewing of parts to make a single suit.

Athletes now have a smooth, flawless and seemingly continuous technology that is comprised of five pieces.

Minimized seams, ultra-light bonding, and no stitching allows for an incredibly light yet functionally fitting technology.

Tracer™ Light

Zoned muscle compression and hydrophobic coating work simultaneously to produce a swimsuit technology already proven to perform with multiple National, NCAA, and World Champions.

Compressing large muscle groups aids in the reduction of muscle fatigue and strain. The consistent, even firmness supports muscles efficiently without reducing movement so no energy in motion is wasted.

The Four-Way Lock Seams follow the contours of the human musculature and compress the major muscle groups which improving blood circulation. Efficient energy transfer, reduction in muscle undulation, and an improved streamline are all results of Tracer Light technical advancements.

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